Welcome to being, a zine stretching and seeking in the slow lane. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s about being — being human, being conscious, being curious.

Lovingly created by two people who are fans of the good life (and, incidentally, each other), being doesn’t generate any money (or hope to) and isn’t in cahoots with any brand or big dog. For us, it’s all about sharing nuggets of inspiration, knowledge, and usefulness, and offering a place of solace and slowness in this chaotic world.

being was launched in September 2021 in Hong Kong as a print zine, an homage to homemade magazines and tangible little booklets of information from times gone by. It was distributed for free in a few lovely independent spots around Hong Kong. In February 2022, being’s editors had to relocate unexpectedly but didn’t want to stop making their humble little zine. So, they decided to continue creating it and publish it at an online address (here!).

being’s aim is to add value to your life in a world where true value is, well, undervalued. So, if you’re not feeling this zine’s vibe, no hard feelings!


Otherwise, let’s sloth around together and enjoy the many fruits (and comfy branches) life has to offer.

P.S. As the zine is produced by us humans, there might be wee mistakes. We take full responsibility for these (although we like to think that they’re good examples of what being is all about!)
P.P.S If you
d like to get in touch, we can be found at: beingzine@gmail.com