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After over a year and a half of creating and distributing our beloved little zine, weve realised that its life has come to a natural close. Who knows, maybe it'll be reincarnated one day, but for now, this is goodbye. Thank you for your readership and your kind e-mails. Oh, and you can find all of the back issues here.

being was a zine stretching and seeking in the slow lane. It was lovingly created by two people who are fans of the good life (and, incidentally, each other) and thus didn’t generate any money or get into cahoots with any brand. Its aim was to add value to people’s lives in a world where true value was (and still is) undervalued.

being was launched in September 2021 in Hong Kong as a print zine and distributed for free in some local, independent spots. Ten months later, we relocated to Scotland, took the zine online, and started printing in Edinburgh. But at the end of 2022, we realised that we could no longer justify using so much paper (even the recycled kind), so we decided to transition the zine from print to solely online. Wary of producing just another website full of content, we made being slightly shorter while keeping it simple and staying true to its intention: to encourage us all to slow down and consume consciously.

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